I'm Danja

I solve problems

What kind of problems, you might ask?

Engineering problems.

Below you can see some of my solutions

I am particularly inspired by the words of Charles Leadbetter,
who argues for solutions that are "lean, simple, clean and social".
I believe that every project I undertake should be documented and repeatable.

My skills:


  • Circuit Design
  • Mechanical knowledge
  • AutoCAD
  • Arduino
  • 3D printing
  • Problem-solving


  • Microsoft Office
  • Web Development
  • PHP, ASP, CSS, jQuery, Java, Python, XML
  • Adobe Creative Suite


  • Analysis
  • Writing
  • Igor, MATLAB, R


  • English, German, Conversational Spanish
  • Photography
  • Cave Rescue: NCRC Level 1
  • Trail Building: IMBA
  • Wilderness & Remote Survival

I have done research in remote regions

which present their own challenges

I have assisted research expeditions in Borneo, Greenland, Namibia, Botswana and Belize.
I have a few sample research papers available on Academia.edu
and a paper in preparation on the microclimate of a cave in Borneo.

I started the Purple Swing Project

In the Summer of 2012 the Purple Swing Project began with one piece of wood and some clearance-sale purple paint.
It continued to evolve in Europe, where I placed 20 swings in 15 cities.
The focus is to use locally-sourced materials and resources, including tools and assistance, to create a swing in a public location.
Swings are a type of interactive art that really can make a city more inviting.
For the past 2 years I have been working on a way to generate energy from these swings.
As of November-December 2014, I finally made this dream a reality.
Stay tuned for further details!

I stay informed on environmental technological innovations

Below is a feed I wrote a script for (based on Freewall) of my tumblr blog posts containing interesting links to articles about climate change, innovation, sustainability and environmental engineering:

See more posts on my tumblr

I also develop and maintain sites like this one.

Do you need a solution?